23 September 2012

Four published decisions issues from AAT on military and veterans' compensation claims

There have been several recently published decisions issued from the Administrative Appeals Tribunal on military/veterans compensation claims.  They are:   

Cross and Repatriation Commission
[2012] AATA 632; 20/09/2012; Senior Member A. K. Britton, Dr H Haikal-Mukhtar, Member
War widow’s pension – whether death of veteran was war-caused – whether veteran’s smoking habit was war-caused – requires more than a temporal connection – not satisfied to requisite standard – decision under review affirmed

Walker and Repatriation Commission 
[2012] AATA 630; 20/09/2012; Senior Member G. D. Friedman
Veterans' entitlements - lumbar spondylosis and lumbar spondylolisthesis - entering and exiting aircraft - whether war-caused - decision under review affirmed
Trinder and Repatriation Commission 
[2012] AATA 624; 18/09/2012; Professor R. M. Creyke, Senior Member
Veterans' entitlements - application for Gold Card - qualifying service - operational service - allotment - instrument of allotment - unofficial involvement - evidence of allotment - decision under review is affirmed
Smith and Military Rehabilitation and Compensation Commission
[2012] AATA 618; 14/09/2012; Professor RM Creyke, Senior Member
Military Rehabilitation and Compensation - accepted injury in course of duty - definition of difficulty - assessment under table 9.5 - assessment under table 9.5 - correct method of calculation - normal healthy person - impairment - pain

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