05 July 2012

Changes to Aussie DVA pay summaries

Australian Department of Veterans' Affairs, or DVA, clients who received a payment from DVA during the 2011-12 financial year will be sent a Payment Summary, which will include both taxable and tax exempt payments.

The summary will provide all the necessary information to assist DVA clients who need to complete a tax return. Previously DVA Payment Summaries contained only taxable payments and clients who needed to declare tax exempt payments had to contact DVA to obtain this information.

If you previously received a Medicare Levy Exemption certificate but receive a tax exempt payment from DVA, your Medicare Levy Exemption days will now be included on your Payment Summary.

Receiving a Payment Summary from DVA does not automatically mean that you need to complete a tax return. This will depend on your income from all sources over the financial year.
If you have any queries about completing a tax return:
  • Contact the ATO on 132 861 during business hours,
  • Refer to the TaxPack, or
  • Visit www.ato.gov.au

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