04 April 2012

MINDEF receives the final Report on the Australian Defence Force Posture Review

Today the Australian Minister for Defence, Stephen Smith, MP, announced that he had received the final Report of the Australian Defence Force Posture Review.

The report was first commissioned  in June 2011, and involves these strategic and security factors:
  • the rise of the Asia Pacific as a region of global strategic significance;
  • the rise of the Indian Ocean rim as a region of global strategic significance;
  • the growth of military power projection capabilities of countries in the Asia Pacific;
  • the growing need for the provision of humanitarian assistance and disaster relief following extreme events in the Asia Pacific region; and
  • energy security and security issues associated with expanding offshore resource exploitation in our North West and Northern approaches.
More broadly, the Review also examined logistics support requirements, training areas for large-scale and joint training exercises, demographic and economic factors, public communications strategies, and engagement with industry, particularly the minerals and petroleum resources industries in Australia’s North and West.
In January this year, the Minister released a progress report from the expert panel preparing the Defence Force Posture Review.  That progress report is available here.

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