21 February 2012

Release of new Aussie Priority Industry Capability Health Checks

Two defence industry ‘health checks’ confirmed Australia is well-placed to support essential military software, and to help avoid detection of defence equipment.

Releasing the health checks today, Minister for Defence Materiel Senator Kim Carr said government, defence and industry needed to work together to sustain important defence capabilities in Australia.

“The Priority Industry Capability health checks are an excellent tool to monitor our progress — and if necessary – prompt us to consider further action. This can include targeting investment in skills development through existing industry programs,” Senator Carr said in a press release.

The most recent health checks focus on signature management and in‑country support for essential military software.

The Signature Management PIC assesses Australia‘s ability to develop and maintain technologies that reduce the ‘signature’ of Australian Defence Force ("ADF") platforms, so they are less likely to be detected by sensors like sonar, radar and infra-red.

The Through Life Support of Mission and Safety Critical Software PIC measures ADF's ability to adapt and maintain software that is integral to communications and activities including situational awareness, enemy detection and deployment of weapons.

For more information on all PIC health checks please visit here.

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