13 January 2012

Aussie diggers ordered to return to front line to face discipline after drinking in Dubai

Earlier this week eight Australian soldiers from Mentoring Task Force 3, who were en route home to Australia after having served in the front line in Afghanistan, were ordered to return to the front line to face possible disciplinary action for allegedly drinking in Dubai on a layover.

The Returned & Services League of Australia ("RSL") was quick to point out that the diggers could have been sent back home to Australia, to face any discipline, as opposed to going back to Afghanistan. RSL Deputy National President Don Rowe, told the Herald Sun, here, "the sad thing, of course, is their families would've been waiting for them at the airports to welcome them back home, and instead they've gone back to Afghanistan to face disciplinary action which could've been done back in Australia."

[Disclaimer: I am a member of the RSL and an office holder.]

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