28 July 2011

Gillard Gov't to provide tailored package to assist veteran households on impact of carbon price

Australia's Minister for Veterans’ Affairs, Warren Snowdon, MP said the Gillard Government is providing a tailored package of household assistance payments for the veteran and ex service community to deal with the impact of a carbon price.

“The Australian Government has a plan to build a Clean Energy Future for our children and grandchildren by taxing our biggest polluters - and return every cent to assist households, support jobs and tackle climate change. “Because some of these big polluters may choose to pass on these costs to households, we have announced a comprehensive household assistance package to provide support payments to approximately 350,000 veterans, their families, war widows and widowers, said Mr Snowdon."

Payments will commence in May 2012 with the ‘Clean Energy Advance’, an upfront payment of between $140 and $380.

This will go to eligible service pensioners, seniors supplement recipients, war widows and widowers, disability pensioners, permanent impairment recipients and wholly dependent partners (under the Military, Rehabilitation and Compensation Act 2004).

Following the up-front payment, from March 2013, ongoing assistance for this group will be provided through either fortnightly or quarterly payments. These payments will amount to an increase in benefits of between $7.40 and $20.90 per fortnight.

A service pensioner on the single rate will receive $250 upfront in May or June 2012 and after March 2013, $13.50 in ongoing fortnightly payments, with couples receiving $190 upfront each and from March 2013, $10.20 ongoing per fortnight.

For a veteran on a disability pension, their payment will depend on the rate of pension. Veterans receiving up to 100 per cent Disability Pension will receive $140 upfront and $7.40 per fortnight ongoing, while a veteran on Special Rate (TPI) will receive $380 upfront in June 2012 and $20.90 per fortnight in March 2013.

Veterans on a disability pension and service pension receive both payments.

Children of veterans and members receiving payments under the children education schemes will also receive assistance. They will receive two lump sum payments—in June 2012 and 2013—with ongoing assistance commencing on 1 January 2014.

Veterans that earn an income may also benefit from tax cuts. All taxpayers, whose income is up to $80,000 will get a tax cut, with most getting a cut of at least $300.

For more information on the full suite of measures please visit here or call 1800 057 590.

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