17 January 2011

Aussie veteran imposter pleads guilty

Australian Minister for Veterans’ Affairs, Warren Snowdon, welcomed the outcome of the case against veteran imposter Arthur Rex Crane handed down in the Brisbane District Court last month.

Back in October 2009 I wrote about Mr Crane, that post can be found here.

“Mr Crane has pleaded guilty to defrauding the Commonwealth and ordered to pay back more than $413,000 for falsely claiming he was a prisoner of the Japanese during the Second World War,” Mr Snowdon said.

Mr Crane has been sentenced to four years jail and can be released after serving six months upon entering a good behaviour bond for four years. He was also ordered to pay the Commonwealth more than $413,000 in falsely claimed pension.

“The Australian Government takes very seriously the recognition and respect of those who have served our country and has no tolerance for those who fraudulently claim that recognition,” Mr Snowdon said.

The DVA has a dedicated compliance section that investigates all suspected cases of fraudulent activity. Other ongoing measures that act as a deterrent are proof of identify checks, and departmentally initiated reviews. To report any incidents of fraud or if you suspect that a person is a veteran imposter you can report it to DVA here.

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