17 October 2010

The Returned & Services League of Australia makes a submission on Military Court of Australia Bill 2010

Last week the Returned & Services League of Australia, or RSL, made this submission on the Military Court of Australia Bill 2010. (Disclaimer: I am a member of the RSL.) The submission points out numerous concerns in the current language of the bill.

One notable concern is:
that ‘charges of service offences are to be dealt with otherwise than on indictment', the legislation denies service members accused of serious service offences the right of trial by jury.This is at odds with the norms of contemporary Australian society which hold that servicemembers are citizens and should enjoy all the privileges and rights of citizens including having the right of trial by jury when accused of serious service offences.
The RSL argues the bill should be amended and redrafted to take into account the numerous issues it has raised.

[Note: I applaud the leadership of the RSL's new National President Rear Admiral Ken Doolan in ensuring the RSL has a voice in this important issue.]

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