17 July 2010

Serious flaws noted in GOP dissenting views on HR 569

Washington, DC attorney Dwight Sullivan has noted on CAAFlog, here and here, that there are serious flaws in the Republican dissenting views contained in the Report on HR 569 (Equal Justice for Our Military Act of 2010) The flaws concern arguments for a different inequity concerning Uniform Code of Military Justice article 66 [10 USC 866] appellate review and not Supreme Court certiorari review. Mr. Sullivan criticizes Reps Gohmert and Rooney - both former Army JAGs - for signing off on the dissent given the flaws.

Perhaps Rep. Tom Rooney (R-Florida) needs to check his facts before he speaks out or puts his name to a dissent. Earlier this year Rep. Rooney falsely stated, during a House Judiciary Committee markup, that I had renounced my U.S. citizenship. I'm still a United States citizen and never renounced my American citizenship. The same day he stated it, I asked Rep Rooney for an apology and never got one.

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