15 June 2010

New VA forms to make claims process easier for U.S. veterans

The U.S. Department of Veterans' Affairs announced today that it has made filing clams easier.

VA has shortened application forms to reduce paperwork for veterans. The new forms, which are available on the VA's website here, include:
  • A shortened VA Form 21-526 for veterans applying for the first-time to VA for disability compensation or pension benefits. This form has been cut in half – from 23 to 10 pages. It is immediately available to veterans via web download, and will be available through VA’s online claim-filing process later this summer here.
  • VA Form 21-526b for veterans seeking increased benefits for conditions already determined by VA to be service-connected. This new form more clearly describes the information needed to support claims for increased benefits.
“These reductions in paperwork, along with other improvements to simplify and speed the claims process, symbolize changes underway to make VA more responsive to Veterans and their families,” said VA Secretary Eric Shinseki.

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