30 June 2010

Defence to increase payment for employers supporting Reservists

Tomorrow the weekly rate for Australian Employer Support Payments, or ESP, will rise on 1 July 2010 from $1183.10 to $1,243.10. ESPs are made for every week full-time employee Reservists are away from their civilian jobs, once the qualifying period of two weeks and other criteria are satisfied.

“The Scheme was introduced to provide financial assistance to employers and self-employed Reservists,” said Dr Mike Kelly AM, Parliamentary Secretary for Defence.

For Reservists in part-time employment, a pro-rata amount of the applicable Average Weekly Ordinary Time Earnings, or AWOTE, is calculated based on their weekly working hours. ESP support is also available to self-employed Reservists whose business provides their main source of income.

To qualify for ESP payments an employer’s Reservist employees must perform Defence service for five or more consecutive days after completing the qualifying period.

Employers can download claim forms at www.defence.gov.au/reserves

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