09 March 2010

Senator Faulkner responds to SMH article on defence spending

The Sydney Morning Herald today is reporting here that Minister for Defence, Senator John Faulkner (ALP-NSW), has said that "financial control is critical" in light of yesterday's SMH article, which I have previously discussed here.

Senator Faulkner has asked Secretary of Defence Ian Watt to conduct an internal review the contracts reported yesterday by the SMH.

I still stand by my comments yesterday concerning spending on our Australian Defence Force personnel. Proper fitness equipment and also funding for education abroad should still continue. Those types of expenses is Aussie taxpayer money well spent on those that defend and protect our democratic way of life.

It's my opinion that the SMH article was narrow sighted when it criticized some of the defence spending on our military personnel. Unfortunately, Senator Faulkner fails to defend that spending in his comments. Rather he just stated that some of the spending was legitimate without going into specifics.

Having diggers and sailors that are well educated affords us with the best and brightest in uniform. Likewise, having proper fitness equipment in gyms ensures our military personnel are in top physical shape.

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