26 March 2010

Army opens two new health facilities for Lavarack Barracks

Two new primary health facilities servicing the Australian Army's Lavarack Barracks in Townsville, Queensland have just been opened. Senator Jan McLucas (Labor-QLD) opened the facilities at an official ceremony yesterday. Both facilities are designed to provide primary health support to approximately 2,200 Army personnel.

The Townsville facilities are named in honour of two former Army medical staff that made significant contributions in former conflicts.

  • Colonel Alfred Sutton commanded the 3rd Field Ambulance in Gallipoli in support of 3rd Brigade. It was with Colonel Sutton’s approval that Pte John Simpson Kirkpatrick (of Simpson and his donkey fame) was allowed to work independently in casualty collection at Gallipoli, endorsed by giving his own Red Cross armband to the donkey.
  • Corporal John James Davis earned the Military Medal for heroism in treating wounded under fire in 1968 during his service as a medic in Vietnam with the 3rd Battalion, the Royal Australian Regiment.
Alfred Sutton Health Facility will provide primary health care to units located on the eastern end of the Barracks and the JJ Davis Health Facility, the western end. Units supported will include Lavarack Barracks (Townsville) based units of the 3rd Brigade, 11th Brigade and 17th Brigade,” said Senator McLucas.

Cost to the Aussie taxpayer was $7.2 million and construction took just nine months. (Tax money well spent in my humble opinion.)

For further information an ADF press release can be found here.

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