18 October 2009

Sexual abuser of Army cadet was already on parole; former cadet now wants other victims to come forward

The Sydney Morning Herald reports here today that Andrew Dean McIntosh, a former volunteer officer of cadets at Barker College, a private school in Hornsby which is on Sydney's north shore, sexually assaulted a boy cadet at a camp whilst still on parole for similar offences.

The college's solicitor, Tunc Ozen, told Judge Michael Finnane that the school didn't know of the previous conviction and his parole status because at the time schools had not been legally required to carry out criminal background checks on employees.

The victim, who is now 34, is seeking other victims to come forward.

My thoughts on this:

Even though this took place prior to the criminal background check requirement, one has to ask why he was still permitted to work with children upon his conviction for similar offences? That should have most certainly been a condition of his parole. And why hadn't the parole officer been checking up on him? Seems like a flaw in the legal system to me

The Attorney General of New South Wales should take a hard look at this case. We need to protect our children from this predatory behaviour.

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  1. Another point on this is the consideration on how this person managed to belong to the Army Cadets. In order to become an Officer/Instructor of Cadets one has to undergo a Criminal History Check, so how did he manage to be accepted as an Officer of Cadets? This has been standard procedure for decades, at least as far back as the 1980's, well before he joined, how did he slip through the net?

    Perhaps this young man has a capacity to sue the Australian Army for failure to meet it's duty of care as well. No Officer/Instructor should be alone with a Cadet at any time. This is a common-sense practice for the protection of both the Cadets AND the Officers/Instructors.

    Whoever allowed this man to be alone with this boy all night needs to explain himself as well.