21 October 2009

Senator Johnston: Australian Navy went overboard on sex betting book allegations

Today the The Sydney Morning Herald is reporting here that the Royal Australian Navy knew within days that claims of sailors on board the HMAS Success having a sex betting book and competitions were false but didn't inform the public and media.

Yesterday Senator David Johnston (Liberal - WA), the Shadow Minister for Defence, issued a press release, which can be found here, said "there is absolutely no grounds, no truth in these claims and yet Mr. Rudd and Ms. Gillard as well as the Chief of Navy dammed these sailors as guilty before proven innocent by remarking on the case in the media."

Today Senator Johnston plans to persue the matter with the Chief of the Australian Defence Force Angus Houston duing the Senate Estimates hearing. "These men love being in the Navy and they love their jobs and this whole sorry business has illustrated that Defence has a long way to go in the administration of military justice," said Senator Johnston.

The RAN has yet to make a comment regarding the accusations made by Senator Johnston. This blog has previously discussed the sex betting allegations here and here.

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