08 October 2009

America's enemies continue to have greater court access than U.S. troops under NDAA

This evening visiting Yale Law Professor Eugene R. Fidell posted on the Balkinization here that unlawful enemy combatants of the United States will continue to enjoy greater access to America's courts than that of U.S. servicemembers under the conference version of the National Defense Authorization Act for Fiscal Year 2010, H.R. 2647. A Thomas link to H.R. 2647 is here.

It's nice to know that lawmakers in Washington are more concerned about the due process rights of unlawful enemy combatants than that of U.S. servicemembers. (Obviously, I'm being extremely sarcastic.)

It's high time that Congress focus on the due process rights of those U.S. citizens that serve in uniform to protect and defend our democratic way of life. Congress should swiftly pass either H.R. 569 or S. 357.

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