05 September 2009

This week in Parliament, Courts and Tribunals (7 Sep 2009) . . .

[UPDATED] The following legislative activities, which affect Australian servicemembers and veterans or concern military justice issues, are occurring this week in the Parliament of Australia:

Thursday, 10 September 2009

Full Senate: Debate on Military Justice (Interim Measures) Bill (No. 1) 2009 and Military Justice (Interim Measures) Bill (No. 2) 2009. Senate to convene at 0930 hours. Today's Senate Order of Business, which can be found here, indicates that the first order business in the "Government business - orders of the day" will be the military justice legislation bill (refer to page 3 of Order of Business). Here are live video and audio links to the Senate debate -- link to high resolution and link to low resolution and for just audio go here.

The following military justice and veterans cases are occurring this week:

High Court of Australia

The full High Court does not sit this week. It will next sit in Canberra on 22 September 2009.

Federal Court of Australia (Full Court)

Thursday, 10 September 2009

Kowalski v. Repatriation Commission, case SAD26/2009, settlement of index. Veteran's claim appeal under the Veterans' Entitlement Act 1986.

Defence Force Discipline Appeal Tribunal

The Tribunal was due to sit on Thursday and Friday, 10 and 11 September 2009 but I received an email from the Registrar indicating that no cases are pending. I'm guessing that because of the High Court's ruling in Lane, DFDAT no longer has any cases before it.

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