05 September 2009

SOUND OFF: Navy Times seeking sailors thoughts about overseas liberty policies

The Navy Times is seeking out sailors thoughts on the Navy's liberty policies. Yesterday the Times posted a short article here indicating overseas liberty rules are tighter than ever these days. Apparently in Japan, you require a supervisor's OK and a signed "liberty card" before you can leave the gate. On occasion officials have required sailors to abstain from drinking alcohol and demand a certified take-along-buddy.

Thus the Navy Times asks sailors these four questions:

1) So what do you think about the Navy's liberty policies?

2) How do tight regs in your area affect your own plans?

3) Do restrictive liberty rules hurt morale, or are they a necessary part of today's Navy?

4) What rules, if any, should the Navy have for your time off duty?

You can email your answers to Navy Times' staff writer Gidget Fuentes at: gfuentes@atpco.com

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