19 September 2009

Inspector General of Veterans Affairs releases report of healthcare inspection

On Thursday the Inspector General, or IG, of the U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs released a 17 page report, "Healthcare Inspection: Follow-up Colonoscope Reprocessing at VA Medical Facilities" which can be found here. I have previously discussed bungled endoscopy procedures at American VA medical facilities here after a U.S. House of Representatives subcommittee held a hearing this past June.

The IG performed 128 surprise inspections of various facilities throughout the nation. All the medical facilities were in compliance of following correct procedures. These new findings by the IG are a stark contrast compared to past inspections which found more than half of the facilities to be non-compliant.

Yesterday the VA issued this statement in where Acting Under Secretary for Health Dr. Gerald M. Cross said it has been the "VA's top priority to provide the highest quality of care to the Veterans of this Nation." "This report shows VA's unparalleled quality assurance programs indentified a resk and successfully corrected that risk on a national scale," said Cross.

There is a toll-free nationwide information line at 1-877-345-8555 available to patients and their families.

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