11 August 2009

Aussie VA announces review of the Veterans Line service

The Australian Department of Veterans Affairs has announced a review of the Veterans Line service. Veterans and Veterans Families Counseling Service, or VVCS. is conducting the review. Veterans Line is an after hours crisis counseling service provided by the VVCS. The service assists veterans and their families with crisis situations outside office hours. Counseling is provided free of charge.

Crisis Support Service, Inc provides the actual services through a contractual agreement with VVCS. As part of that agreement, VVCS conducts regular reviews of the service. The review panel is soliciting views of the Aussie veterans, whether they are regular users of the after hours counseling service or not.

The survey closes 7 September 2009. It can be conducted online here. Alternatively, a pdf questionnaire can be retrieved here. If completing the pdf questionnaire it can be returned via email as indicated on the form.

For a complete list of services provide by the VVCS go here.

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