02 July 2009

Australian Army cadet died from peanut allergy

The Australian Defence Force released findings of an investigation into the 30 March 2007 death of Royal Australian Army Cadet Nathan Francis of Scott College in Daylesford, Victoria. Francis died during a military exercise when he ingested rations that contained peanuts and had an anaphylactic reaction.

In a press release, the ADF stated that it "deeply regrets Nathan's death." Further, that "action has been taken to reduce the likelihood of this tragedy happening again." Appropriate measures to improve the prevention and management of allergies have been developed by ADF. The press release indicates that "Defence is confident it is now well placed to manage any future risks relating to allergic conditions and the use of combat ration packs."

Because the matter may still be subject to further legal proceedings Defence is not commenting any further on the matter. The ADF press release can be found here.

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