13 June 2009

Remembering Judge Robinson Everett

The News and Observer reports here that Senior Judge Robinson O. Everett passed away at the age of 81 yesterday. Judge Everett was a most remarkable man. CAAFlog also reports here on his passing as well as the University of North Carolina here.

I had the pleasure of first meeting Judge Everett six years ago at a code committee meeting. Over the years I continued to see him at other code committee meetings and the annual Court of Appeals for the Armed Forces Judicial Conference at Catholic University. He was a regular fixture. Judge Everett was always gracious in conversation and open to discussing military justice reform ever so passionately. Through the last six years we had many email exchanges and telephone conversations regarding various versions of the Equal Justice for Our Military Act bills and other reforms. One year Judge Everett openly spoke up about Supreme Court access for servicemembers at a code committee meeting which was reported here. His passing is a tremendous loss to the military justice community.

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