16 June 2009

NIMJ President makes statement supporting HR 569

Today National Institute of Military Justice President Eugene Fidell made a statement to the Subcommittee on Courts and Competition Policy of the House Judiciary Committee supporting the Equal Justice for Our Military Act of 2009, HR 569. Mr. Fidell's statement can be found here.

I totally agree with Mr. Fidell's suggestion that the bill be renamed. Earlier this year I had suggested to lawmakers that during an upcoming markup (amendments to the bill are expected) that it be renamed in honor of Captain Kevin J. Barry, USCG (Ret.) who passed away back in April. Both Chief Judge Robinson O. Everett and Capt Barry supported the legislation. I've previously discussed their passing and the support they both gave on Supreme Court access for troops here and here.

With the unfortunate passing of Judge Everett last week, I've now suggested to lawmakers that the bill be renamed the "Barry Everett Military Justice Act of 2009."

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