18 June 2009

Is different spanks for different ranks a thing of the past in the United States?

Yesterday an active duty U.S. Coast Guard Captain (O-6) was convicted at a general court-martial of one specification of wrongful use of cocaine in violation of Uniform Code of Military Justice article 112a reports Military.com here. (Seems like mainstream media has yet to pick up this story.) The court-martial sentenced the O-6 to a fine of $5,000 (USD) and a written reprimand.

Perhaps the old saying "different spanks for different ranks" is a thing of the past or is this one of those extremely rare occurrences? Anyone who has served in America's military knows that usually the ranks of 0-5 and above are rarely prosecuted or are disciplined; rather the senior officer is permitted to retire quietly with no disciplinary action after serious criminal wrongdoing has been discovered whilst the enlisted personnel or very junior officers are hammered.

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