29 June 2009

Congressman seeks to cut the time on processing disabled VA claims

Rep. George K. Butterfield (D-NC) introduced legislation which addresses the backlog of disability claims filed with the Department of Veterans Affairs. HR 3087, which can be found here on Thomas, was introduced on Friday. Rep. Butterfield's press release can be found here. According to statistics there are over 900,000 backlogged claims with the VA. Butterfield believes that decisions on disability claims should be made with 180 days of filing the claim. Under Butterfield's legislation claims not processed within 18 months would be automatically granted.

Butterfiled is a U.S. Army veteran and represents North Carolina's 1st district. Prior to being elected to Congress in 2004 he was an attorney and also served as both a trial judge and on the North Carolina Supreme Court.

If you would like to support this legislation by contacting your local federal representative, you can go to Congress.org here to take action on this bill.

A down under shout out of "goodonya" to Rep. Butterfield! Good looking out for America's disabled veterans . . . they certainly deserve a fair go with less governmental red tape of waiting years to get what they deserve in the first place.

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