12 June 2009

Aussie David Hicks' US military attorney promoted and made military judge; Far contrast to Charlie Swift

ABC reports here that U.S. Marine Corps officer and judge advocate Michael Mori has been promoted to the rank of Lieutenant Colonel and appointed as a military judge. Mori had been appointed to defend Australian David Hicks in military commission proceedings brought by the United States.

Mori's promotion and elevation to a military judge is a far contrast from what occurred to retired U.S. Navy Lieutenant Commander Charlie Swift, Judge Advocate General Corps. Swift won a Supreme Court case on behalf of his client against the United States and was then passed over for promotion to Commander and forced to retire from the Navy. Perhaps a little vindictiveness on the part of the Bush administration? Back in March 2007 Vanity Fair ran an article about Swift here.

The climate in Washington, DC must have changed with the Obama administration. I'm glad that Mori was promoted because he is an exceptional Marine and attorney. However, it's a darn shame what happened to Swift because he was an exceptional sailor and attorney. Swift's forced retirement was a great loss to the Navy and the JAG Corps. Both Mori and Swift are indeed outstanding attorneys; one was given a "fair go" and the other wasn't.

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