16 May 2009

Defence: Life insurance deemed inadequate, private cover is less than a night out drinking beer with your mates

The Australian Associated Press reports here that Minister for Defence Science and Personnel, Warren Snowden (ALP -Lingiari, NT), claims that a letter sent to diggers could have been worded a bit better. Defence sent a letter to troops which recommended taking out additional life insurance because the present compensation is not adequate. The letter states that "additional accident insurance costs for basic cover is less than a night out on the town for a few beers with your mates each month." Presently, the spouse of a digger killed in the line of duty receives $118,000 (AUD) and either a war widow's pension or a lump sum of $508,000 (AUD).

Veterans Affairs Minister Alan Griffin (ALP - Bruce, VIC) has announced that a review of current military compensation system is going to start in July and should be complete by March 2010. Minister Griffin's press release can be found here. Additional information can be found on the Dept. of Veterans Affairs website here.

Goodonya Minister Griffin for reviewing the current system to ensure our diggers will be compensated in a just and equitable way in, hopefully, the near future.

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